Ulrich Ameis 

Transportdienstleister vom Lastentaxi-Hamburg

Projects I make

Social Media Video

Engaging video content tailored for social media platforms.

Motion Design

Dynamic visuals brought to life through captivating motion graphics.

Visual Storytelling

Compelling narratives told through captivating visuals that leave an impact.

Ulrich Ameis

About me

My goal is to craft visuals that resonate with audiences, evoke emotions, and inspire connections. I am dedicated to delivering high-quality work that exceeds expectations and brings your creative vision to life. Let's collaborate and create something truly remarkable together.


Custom pricing based on the scope and requirements of the project. Contact Jerry Mayer for a personalized quote.
Starting at $150 per project

Professional video editing for various purposes such as commercials, music and corporate videos, short films.

Starting at $200 per project

Creation of visually stunning motion graphics and animations to enhance your videos and presentations.

Starting at $100 per video

Attention-grabbing short videos, reels, and content for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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My Blog

Bringing inanimate objects to captivating life
Stop motion animation
Enhancing mood and aesthetics with color manipulation
Color Grading
Crafting immersive visuals and engaging worlds
3D Animation
Stunning effects for an enhanced visual experience
Visual Effects
U. Ameis
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